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The Start Of It All

The Start Of It All

I guess this is like an about page but it’s actually the first page of a series! Anything under this category “My Story” is where I wax lyrical about symptoms and treatments, rave about success and rant  about failures. You can’t trust anything on the internet but I’m not a doctor (or a drugstore). My story, … is all about me. The other articles are about what I discovered when I sailed off looking for a cure for what ailed me. Those “try to get the facts straight” articles are grouped by topic.  I try  to stay objective in my articles but expect me to be silly, emotional, witty (hopefully), sarcastic, pathetic and honest in My Story.


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Falling Into A Black Hole

My Story starts around about a year ago in a way, although it could be said to have started over 30 years ago when I had my first course of antibiotics, or even earlier when I was weaned.

But let’s say that it was a mid life crisis. I simply ran out of fuel.

Up until then I could walk for miles, work for hours, stay up till dawn, eat and drink what I wanted and still feel pretty damn good.

First my knees gave out, I couldn’t stay on my feet for hours on end any more, and I wanted to crawl into bed at 7pm. Then I couldn’t stay asleep at night, and woke every 3 hours, couldn’t get to sleep when I went to bed, started to fall asleep in front of the tv in the afternoon, fell asleep when I read a book.

Over several years this went from mildly annoying symptoms – to eyes that were sunken like a zombie and cringing in their effort to close, I couldn’t concentrate on what I was thinking about or work things out. I was wrapped up in immense apathy and lethargy and eventually falling unconscious without remembering closing my eyes,  hence the black hole analogy.

What eventually took me to a doctor was thrush, a persistent thrush that appeared from nowhere and refused to vanish when I rubbed in the cream from the chemist.

That’s where my story begins I guess.






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