Which health foods to eat?

Which Health Foods to Eat?
Can Diet Really Improve Your Health?

Which health food to eat? What should my diet be? What is factual about healthy food?

What is a diet exactly? The most popular diets show us quick ways to lose weight, because we are embarassed by the extra pounds around our tummies. How to lose weight is a primary objective for many people, but diet is not just about how we look, it’s about our long term health. Can a diet of health foods improve our health, cure disease, take our pain away and make us feel young again?

“You are what you eat” is the title of a popular health book and there is much truth in the statement. Of course there is more than health food choice to human beings! However what we eat eventually sculpts us into archetypes that are easily recognised by dieticians.

It’s not just what health food we eat either, but what we drink, what we inhale, how much we exercise, and any other influence from our specific environment that influence our body’s functions, such as – sun, cold or stress.

A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in ...
A diet rich in soy and whey protein, has been shown to reduce breast cancer incidence in rats. However soy is said to inhibit the action of the thyroid hormone, and new studies show it to not be as healthy as first thought to be.

Many of these influences are accepted parts of how we choose to live, but many are also habits that if we had to make a logical choice on and given all the facts, we would change. At least we like to think that we would.

The real truth is that life goes on without much thought given to such choices, like our diet, until some health crisis suddenly brings it to our attention.  We may have experienced discomfort and pain for years but assumed that it was part of growing older. Nor is a healthy diet a cure all for all people as there are genetic factors that can cause us ill health.

So although I would answer that diet can improve your health (immensely in some cases) and few dieticians would argue, it would be incorrect to say that health food alone can cure all illness.

Perhaps losing weight will help, perhaps organic and biodynamic food will help, perhaps better choices of food, fresh vegetables and fruit rather than a predominance of grains, will improve our health. The information is out there, but only individual trial (and error) will show us what is healthy food for us.

My reason for writing this website is that my own health crisis has pushed me to research healthy food choices. I’ve discovered that much of what I accepted to be generally true is far more complex than I expected, and often specifically false or distorted truth. Neither the old or new food pyramid is the best way to view a healthy diet.  The issue of sugar and cholesterol is fraught with strong opposing information and marketing lies. The bulk of processed, packaged food is riddled with sugar, but fat free. The unknown other additives may be dangerous and it has few genuine nutrients unless they are added vitamins – but it tastes good and it’s on the television!

What health food to eat? Hmmm – Good question.

So this website is a way to keep track of the information, resources and websites that have helped me learn about  my own health issues, especially so far as supplements and correct diet can help me to heal. And if you have similar problems, or even if not, I hope the information here will help you too.

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  1. We are contributory to all or any these ailments, it’s because of the oxygen we breathe and the food we take in. People from all places and all walks of lives are passing away because of the engineering and developments that were very created to protect them. I’ve watched and read a lot of documentaries and scientific studies proving this.

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