Check Your Blood Pressure & Temperature – Useful Medical Equipment To Own

Many of our medical or health complaints affect our blood pressure and our basal temperature. These are two things that you can easily check yourself at home with some inexpensive medical equipment. If they are consistently out of range, you can chart and use these measurements to check if the changes you make to your diet, your medications, exercise goals and supplements, are physically making any difference.

Metabolic syndrome and hypothyroidism are indicated when your temperature is consistently low, so a thermometer is just as useful for this as it is for checking for fever. If you are becoming overstimulated by thyroid hormone, your pulse and blood pressure will increase, so monitors that check these are useful to ensure you take enough but not too much, which can stress your heart.

In order to lower your blood pressure without drugs, you should first know your blood pressure. What I recommend is a home blood pressure monitor. It’s no more expensive than bathroom scales.

Robert Kowalski: Author of “The Blood Pressure Cure”


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