What is the Primal Diet?

The theory behind the Primal diet is that it suggests that what humans used to eat before the agricultural revolution was probably what we evolved to eat. The Primal diet encourages people to eat naturally growing fruits and vegetables, organic where possible, so there is less toxin residue from pesticides or fertilizers.
Primal Foods your ancestors used to grow or harvest for themselves include

·    Fruits
·    Vegetables

Primal Foods your ancestors used to hunt for themselves include
·    Meats
·    Eggs
·    Fish
·    Seafood

Fruit and vegetables are high in fibre, vitamins, antioxidants and essential minerals, meat and fish have plenty of protein and eggs and fish have some vitamin rich oils with omega 3.
The Primal diet recommends that you avoid the following foods except on feast days. Of course money is a factor as to how much food you can be picky about, but you will find that when you can’t shop in half of the supermarket there is more money to spend on grass fed beef and free range chooks and organic veggies.

·    Limit all types of sugars and syrups
·    Limit grain made products containing gluten
·    Limit the dairy products
·    Research Soy – It’s not real good for you
·    Stop buying things that come pre cooked
·    Don’t buy anything with a massive list of ingredients like twinkies

If we dig back into our history you will discover that if our ancestors reached 60 they rarely suffered from diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. It is true that many people did not make it to 60 but people were killed while hunting and epidemics of flu and other viruses were more deadly to our ancestors thjan to us.  Antibiotics have their own set of side effects but have saved countless lives that would have been lost back then.

Our ancestors ate seasonally from the harvest of the land, if possible they grew their own fruits and vegetables and raised livestock for slaughter. We were not eating many, if any, grains until about 10 000 years ago, and even then only in a few places. Most cavemen continued as hunters or herders for a few thousand years beyond that.

500 years ago our ancestors were active, healthy people whose lifestyle kept them working all the time. In terms of history  even 1000 years is not very long at all – maybe only 15 generations, if that. In those years they made and ate breads but it was a dense wholegrain bread leavened as a sourdough, not a white airy bread made with bakers yeast. It was uncommon to see overweight people, in fact obesity becoming common, has only occurred in the last 40 years.

Will I get enough Calcium if I don’t eat Dairy?

One concern that people have when starting the Primal diet is a lack of calcium.

We have been brainwashed into thinking we need a lot of dairy foods each day to promote healthy bones and prevent osteoporosis. You will still be consuming calcium but getting your daily amount from different sources. Instead of drinking milk and eating cheese you will be getting lenty of calcium from fruits and vegetables.

Our body needs to balance the amount of calcium it receives daily. All foods are processed through our kidneys and this is where bone demineralization takes place. When you eat foods which produce high amounts of acid in your body, the kidneys use calcium to alkalinize it.

Acid producing foods which we consume too much of are excessive meat, grains & cereals, sugar and milk. Acid is balanced with alkaline, which is found in fruits and vegetables. When you increase the amount of these good alkaline foods your kidnets will balance the bodies calcium level. Which means you won’t become calcium deficient and you won’t get kidney stones.

Follow the guidelines to the Primal Diet you will lose the tummy rolls of fat, you’ll sleep better and you’ll have more energy. If you are lucky, you will also have a long and healthy old age!