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Let Them Eat Cake – Going Gluten Free

Let Them Eat Cake – Going Gluten Free

Marie Antoinette is said to have said “Let them eat cake…” as a solution to stop the peasants rioting because there was no bread during the French revolution against the monarchy.

If you are coming to terms with gluten intolerance or wheat allergy, then you are probably feeling like rioting too. Our daily bread is like the constitution – a God given right, and some doctor is saying you can’t have it anymore! Get real…. You’d have to have the patience and humility of a Saint to not feel riotous when given such news.

Egg, rye and multigrain bread loaves.
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There will then be a stage of denial – when you will eat bread regardless. Then – there will be the experimental stage when you buy ready-made gluten free bread.

That is so disgusting, you’ll resort to pre-packaged Gluten free bread mixes and try to remember how to turn the oven on or find the instructions for the bread maker.

The acceptance stage is when you’ve tried every brand on the market and realize – that bread as you know it is gone for good.

There are no substitutes for bread made with gluten and yeast because the essense of bread is gluten and yeast.

The only good news is, a la Marie Antoinette – you can now eat cake!

Degrees of Deprivation

Blah free diets come in many varieties and combinations. This is a real challenge for packet cake and bread makers. If you are lucky – you may only have one allergy and this means you need only look for cake packets or recipes without one type of ingredient. If you are unlucky – whether you like it or not – you are going to have to learn to cook from scratch all over again and adapt some recipes.

This has been a learning curve for me so I’m happy to pass on my tips. I will never be a “good” cook but I manage to make food edible enough so that even if I don’t get compliments – I don’t get too many complaints.

I needed to cut my food choices down a lot at first. It became easier to tell people I can eat meat and vegetables than to tell people I’m gluten free, dairy free, yeast free, sugar free and soy free. I have not been tested for allergies as such, just the health problems are connected to allergies, so for 3 months I’m Blah-free and then I can gradually add back those things I want to and carefully watch for any return of symptoms – assuming in that time that things have improved.

Maybe you’ll only be Gluten free, or better yet only wheat free – which means that you can eat Rye bread and Spelt which is a genetically older version of white flour that some wheat allergy sufferers can tolerate. If you are fully gluten allergic or coeliac then you have a big adjustment to make. Imagine – you cannot cook your piece of chicken which is coated in cornflour in the same pan you are cooking the family’s chicken which is crumbed. You may need to wear gloves preparing food for your family. Coeliac sufferers need to be very careful and very few people really understand the problem.

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I am lucky that I don’t think I am coeliac, but I will walk a few months in their shoes for now. I seem to live on nuts and eggs, as far as bread/cake is concerned anyway. So I’m glad I don’t have egg or nut allergies.  I can also eat fish and shellfish which varies my diet as well. It is a struggle to feed myself and still cook food my family enjoy.

I believe that there is a “rotation diet” that can help people with milder allergies. The theory is that after 4 days the body “forgets” you ate something with the allergen and so by leaving 4 days between meals containing foods you are allergic to, you can eat with the least reaction.

Anyway  –  I want to share this simple recipe I found for a gluten free bread/cake that you can make very quickly. So that you have something you can spread butter on for a snack even if you cannot make a sandwich with it ( forget sandwiches – they are in the past) and it has only 4 ingredients (not 20 or more like most gluten free recipes!) and cooks in only 20 minutes.

4 Ingredient Almond Bread

Gluten/Yeast/Sugar Free

100g Almond meal (2/3 cup)
2 large beaten eggs
1/2 tsp GF baking powder
25g melted butter (1 1/2 tbsp)

Mix ingredients together well. Bake in a small greased loaf pan for 20 mins at 180C (or 350F).

The loaf tin could be the size of a chinese takeaway container for a flat loaf – or a smaller base to make the loaf higher. Or double/triple the mix for a larger loaf tin but that didn’t work for me. But I have the feeling I may have used bicarb not baking powder which made it a bit coarse and heavy.

Alternatives – add dried fruit for a fruit loaf, cheese and herbs for a savoury loaf, fresh fruit like blueberries for a slice like a muffin… give me more ideas…

Alternatives on this basic recipe

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